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These are the Top 5 Features that make Gmail Unique

Gmail is a webmail that hosted by Google 2004, the mail pulled six Hundred million users to its platform and it credited as the largest users-packed webmail. It was not alone when it launched on 2004, Yahoo’s yahoo mail and Microsoft’s hotmail are existed in the main stream on that time. Gmail spokesman announced Gmail’s beta release on April 1 2004, but the whole technology world thought that it was a April fool joke as like the past happenings. Bur it happens as exactly as the spokesman promises , Gmail promisingly releases its beta version on April 1 of 2004, on the next year Gmail added more featured that emphasizing security features. Critically, one thing is bad in Gmail i.e. customer support. Gmail haven’t had a direct customer support to free subscribers, but it is not a blamable thing. None of the other email organizations had a live customer support and mostly it is not at all possible to offer live customer support to this vast count of users. Instead, End users can enjoy the Gmail help support through its help center page or Forum.

1. All In One

All The application that is released from Google Inc is much popular as the way that it meant for; You Tube , blogger, Google Wallet, Google Apps etc. For accessing these products, certainly users should create an account. So, if you had one Gmail account, which is enough for accessing into various Google Products. Gmail offers customer support for those ones who want to port their account to premium mode. Contact then for further assistance.

2. Storage

Yes, a reasonable storage, i.e. 15 GB. For a normal user, this storage option is much sufficient top store their data. In Initial beta version itself, Gmail offers 2GB of storage space. Think that, at the same time the other competitor of Gmail is offering a storage space of 2-5 mega bytes. It extended storage space to 15 GB as on 2015; you can integrate and store the documents to secure Drive “Google Drive”. For getting additional storage, users can port their webmail to premium version. If doubted, call the Gmail customer support for further assistance.

3. Security

Security really matters for web mails, now days lots of email accounts are became trapped because of bad security. Gmail is enabled with highest range of security features that are capable of protecting the system documents and functionalities. Some of its notable security features including spam filter, Two-step verification and message customization

4. Clutter Free

Gmail is enabled with better and most effective features that make mailing secure and safer. Look at its messaging box that enabled in auto categorization feature. None of other web mails had a feature like this. It automatically moves the images to relevant folder in according to the nature of the message. Gmail classify the mail as primary, social, updates and forum. It works on the way as its name implies.

5. User Friendly

It is scripted in an easily understandable language, so that is the reason why there is no chance to occur the clutters among its subscribers. If in doubt, you will get resolved answers on help section of Gmail customer support page, videos and customer’s frequently asked queries various queries are encoded in this page.

How to contact the Gmail customer support?

Gmail is considered as the best web mail that weighed with numerous exciting features, some exciting features including good security, spam filters, good storage, embedded application and clutter free emails. So, these all featured application makes the mailing better. Beyond all these tinsel features, Gmail providing a good customer support to its users. Most of the users haven’t had an idea about their support extensions, over here in this article we showing you the available human responding all customer support details of Gmail customer support and its concerned details.

You can find the answers from its product help center page, this is obviously helpful for resolving the issues of customers. Search your queries at the search bar enabled at the top of the Gmail help center page, if you entered the accurate product keyword on the search bar you can get the exact search results. In addition to this, this tab is enabled with the product demo videos and resolved answers

Above of that page, you can also see a Gmail Help forum link. This is obviously essential for resolving the troubles related to product query. It is an open support forum that managed by Gmail support team. The customers can post their queries in that tab, you will receive an expertise advice from either Gmail customer support team or else you will receive support answers from Gmail star rated contributors. If anyone answered your query (that you posted in Gmail help Center page) you will get notification on Gmail Inbox. This is obviously a best option; however there is no guarantee of answering for your queries by Gmail customer support technicians or any end users. According to us, the best option to fix the issue is through the Gmail help center page. This is labeled in a simply understandable language.

Is Gmail had a Live Customer support? A usual question that rising from the millions of users, that when they trapped in troubleshooting issues. For such confused ones, we want to say that- Gmail had live customer support, but only for premium users. Premium users can enjoy the features such as Gmail customer support technician’s assistance, customizing of domain name, Video and voice calls, Security and admin controls, storage for file syncing and sharing. $5 is the minimum pricing for Gmail premium web mails. However, most of the Gmail premium accounts are used for business application.

All most all issues in the Gmail happen when the users forgot the password or any such password related issues occurring in the web account. This is really a worrisome issue, if the users forgot the account; certainly the access to the account is not at all possible. Gmail is enabled recovery methods that help to retrieve the forgotten user id/password. Extended links are enabled in its home page itself.
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Don’t know how to contact with customer support for your Gmail account issue? Find solution here!

Gmail is assumed as the most reliable and easy platform to avail email service. We can’t ignore the availability of other email service providers but the most important thing is what to choose where we don’t only avail best service but security of our data as well. If you want to get the perfect combination of email service and security then only one name comes in mind i.e. Gmail. You can assume Gmail as the global leader where you can find perfect combination of security and service. The email service was launched in the month of April 2004 by Google and this was the time when there were no platforms available which offer more than 2 to 4 MB of data. At that time, 1 GB of storage was offered by Gmail that was really something unique. So, within short span of its establishment thousands of people joined this and people start referring to their friends or family. Apart from the storage, features of Gmail were also considerable.

Gmail is a technical platform so, occurrence of technical issues are obvious. People usually face majority of technical issues while using it but the most crucial and common issue is log in issues. A majority of users don’t know the process of log in. Well, if you are the one amongst them, then I am here specifying the solution. In order to log in to Gmail, the very first thing you’ll have to register yourself. The process is very easy. Simply go through the official website of Gmail and click the link “create an account”. After clicking the link a form will be appeared on the screen. Now second thing you’re required to fill up this form properly. You’ll be asked to enter your personal details such as your full name, date of birth, Gender, mobile number, current email account etc. Besides, you’re also required to choose an email Id as per your requirement.

After you’ve successfully completed your registration process, you’re required to go to the Gmail’s log in page. Simply enter your registered email and created password. When you click the link “Sign in”, you’ll be redirected to your inbox. That’s all! Now you are eligible to enjoy the emailing service of Gmail. But suppose you forget your password then there is no need of getting hectic; simply follow the simple approach and you can get your password recovered. During password recovery process you may have requirement of your registered email id and mobile number. By using a password recovery code or password recovery link, you can easily recover your password.

In any way if you are not able to recover your password, then what you are required to do? You can grab the assistance at Gmail technical support page. Official Gmail support is offered by Gmail but in textual format. You’re required to go through some Gmail help link such as Google Forum or Gmail support page. Here at these links, simply put your question in the search bar and the complete resolution will be appeared on your screen. Follow the steps and troubleshoot the errors you have. Please keep in mind there are no any helpline number/support phone number is offered by Google team related to Gmail technical support. So, you have this option only to troubleshoot your issues.